Memory Foam and Gel Infusion Technology

Your bedroom is your oasis.
Make it feel that way.


Memory foam was originally invented by NASA for the support of astronauts.
Our pillows come with different shapes and curves to suit your personal preference.

The "Gold Standard" pillow is shaped as a normal pillow or what we consider a loaf of bread shape. Although it looks like a standard bed pillow, the memory foam and gel infusion take the pillow up to the pinnacle of comfort and tranquility.

The "Ergonomic" pillows design is what we consider to be a wave shape. This style creates an idyllic foundation to assist your head, neck and shoulders to be in their natural state. 
Types of Memory Foam:
Also known as visco elastic, traditional memory foam is considered the highest quality material for pillows and bedding.
Soft and sponge-like, memory foam sculpts to the shapes and curves of a human body whilst simultaneously having enough density to create a supportive and therapeutic environment for the deepest of sleeps. 

Due to the density of the material, the shape of the pillow will return to its original state after moving around or getting up.

Gel infused memory foam is new to the market. 
A layer of cooling gel is inserted onto the top layer of memory foam to help with temperature regulation. Hot sweaty sleepers rejoice! 

The Benefits of Memory Foam:
  • Soft foam puts your body in a calm state, leading to quicker sleep.
  • Because the foam molds to your shape, your body is better aligned as you attempt to drift off to sleep.
  • Better alignment whilst sleeping leads to pain relief.
  • Osteoarthritis, sports performance, mental clarity, general wear and tear and suffers of allergies can all show signs of relief and positive outcomes after utilizing memory foam!   

Make the choice.
Treat yourself and melt into our luxury pillows and sleep deep tonight.